About Oxilene

why use oxilene

The Oxilene range of science is sulfate radical-based technology for both human and animal health (biosecurity).  Oxilene is an advanced titanium-based catalytic mechanism that generates sulphate and hydroxy free radicals with a superior oxidation potential.

Especially designed and manufactured to provide a highly effective, rapid-acting, safe and convenient, advanced formulated disinfectant process for residential, commercial buildings, hospitals, airport security and more.

Oxilene boasts the highest oxidation potential of any disinfectant on the market (chlorine, alcohol, ozone, etc). The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) of Oxilene generates potent free radicals capable of destroying microorganisms (like coronavirus) and oxidizing complex organic molecules.

Oxilene is the most unique powder product for the safe and rapid disinfection and deactivation of surfaces and contaminated places in a wide variety of emergency situations. Oxilene is dissolved in normal water for use, providing a safe working solution with a strong Pink color.

Oxilene is the safest deactivated powder. It is very easy to use and has a wide usability based spectrum of activity, which can be used in a very large number of applications and is environmentally friendly.

Oxilene has proven high efficacy against bacteria and viruses, spores and fungi in a very large number of applications. Oxilene presents no serious or long-term health risk to staff by obviating the need for costly ventilation equipment and health monitoring.

Oxilene is a balanced and stabilized blend of powdered Hydrogen peroxide and Crystalline Titanium dioxide (Titansorb P) compounds, surfactant, organic buffer chemistry with exceptional safety profile.

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