features & benefits

oxilene features

  • Unique Product, first new approach to cleaning and disinfecting in 100 years
  • Supplied as a Hydrogen Peroxide powder with catalyst TiO2 (Titansorb-P). Highest Oxidation Potential chemistry.
  • Powder does not involve chlorine. No Urine spills. No Byproducts (DBP’s) or THM’s. “NO harmful vapor phase”. Expensive ventilation is not required.
  • Product of Zaria Water. Manufactured in Germany. No. 1 in absorption, filtration and disinfection.
  • Worldwide branches for unique products.
  • Solution of Oxilene is non-irritant to skin and eyes.
  • When used properly, compatible with all materials. Works by physically destroying Bacteria, Viruses (like the COVID-19 coronavirus), and Fungi.
  • Oxilene can replace all existing disinfectants. Works in minutes.

oxilene benefits

  • A disinfecting approach designed with viruses like the coronavirus in mind.
  • Easy to use, safe for storage and reduced transportation costs.
  • Excellent efficiency for disinfection of Viruses (like COVID-19), Bacteria and Fungi.
  • Replaces the unpleasant hypochlorite. Using hypochlorite on a urine spill can result in toxic levels of chlorine in the air. No hypochlorite in Oxilene.
  • Draws on the expertise of a leading Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOP’s) with the strongest history of oxidation based products.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • Elaborate protective clothing not required.
  • Maximum range of uses.
  • Combines cleaning and disinfection. Reduces cost for material and staff time.