Clear Face Mask



  • 5 piece ($12.99)
  • 10 pieces ($17.99)
  • 15 pieces ($22.99)
  • 25 pieces + 5 FREE pcs ($32.99)
  • 50 pieces + 10 FREE pcs ($52.99)


  • Transparent Mask, Easily Disinfect, Breathable, Anti-Fog
  • See full description below for more product highlights!

Bring quality connection back into your life or business with these Transparent/Clear Face Masks. They allow your face and smile to be seen by individuals and customers, providing a more personable interaction. Great for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe, Grocery market, Shopping mall, Foodcourt, Food vendors, Schools, Military, Public Cafeteria, Beauty Parlor, Nail Salon, Spa, Skincare Shop, etc.


- Interacting with individuals who are hard of hearing (allows the person to read lips and hear better).
- Working with children (allows children to see your face, reduces fear of interaction, and ease of communication).
- Individuals with respiratory conditions (allows for easy breathing).
- Individuals who wear glasses (won't fog up glasses).


- Durable Material: can be worn multiple times if desired.
- Easily Disinfect: simply spray with any disinfectant or another cleaning agent whenever needed and wipe down.
- Breathable: Ultra-lightweight for only about 0.16 ounces and breathable.
- Anti-Fog: This transparent mask won’t fog up or create a fog on glasses or protective eyewear.

*This is a non-medical face mask.
**Due to hygiene and quality reasons, we do not accept any returns.


Overall Width: 6.9 inches
Overall Heights: 4.2 inches
Upper jaw support width: 1.6 inches
Upper jaw support vertical length: 0.6 inches
Lower jaw support width: 1.4 inches
Lower jaw support vertical length: 0.5 inches
Strap length: 4.3 inches

Weight 4 oz

5 pieces ($12.99), 10 pieces ($17.99), 15 pieces ($22.99), 25 pieces + 5 FREE pcs ($32.99), 50 pieces + 10 FREE pcs ($52.99)

15 reviews for Clear Face Mask

BE Maher

So much better than a cloth mask when needing to read stories to kids. Appreciate the quick mailing and I received it in ample time to substitute teach!

Leigh Ann Lindsey

The BEST face mask! This shipped the very next day after ordering, super quick. I love that I can actually breathe with this on and that people can see my face and my smile. I also wear glasses while working and I love that with this mask my glasses do not fog up. The fact that it is plastic makes it super easy to clean as often as I want throughout the day with a quick spray of disinfectant and then I wipe it down. Will be sharing with all my friends and family!


This mask is pretty damn AMAZING! I love that people can see my face and I can always show off my lipstick ? and my lipstick or makeup does not get on the mask and that’s a HUGE plus. Shipping was super fast too! Will purchase again and definitely recommend it.


Very happy with product. Thanks for your prompt reply. Will refer others.

Susannah Lavallee

Very cool. I was pleasantly surprised. You can wear it comfortably upside down, too..(oops) sheepish ?

Crystal Rose

These are awesome! They are made of very thin flexible plastic kind of like the kind baked goods come in, and are molded with two tabs, one that rests under your chin and one between your chin and lip to hold it off your nose. Very easy to breathe and almost invisible while being compliant with the whole “nose and mouth must be covered” thing. They can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. And the price is very fair for what you get. Highly recommend!


Easy and simple!

Braelyn D. Heltne

Very good simple product. Shipped quickly

Sue Anne Prazak

Love these! I can breathe and doesnt cause anxiety. 🙂


Makes breathing easier and lets people smile!

Oliya Hunt

It’s not just a “life saver”, but sanity as well. I had people come up to me, asking where I got it. I wore it inside the hospital too (not everywhere will allow it).

Sue Mc

5 Stars!!

I love that people see my smile and stop to talk about my mask. Highly recommend!!


These masks are really useless. It might protect me from spreading my germs with others but it does nothing to protect me from droplets from other people. It’s completely open above the chin. A complete and total waste of money. If I could give it no stars, I would. Very disappointed.

Order #9991

Ellen Puckett

We are using these masks at our Dance Studio Recital. They are comfortable and light weight. It’s nice to see the smiles on our dancers faces again!!!!!

Nicholas Brunni

I bought these specifically because I want to see my kids face when they perform. It’s ridiculous enough that places require them to wear a mask, but at least this makes it easy to breathe and in video my kids look like they are wearing nothing. If your concern is the prevention of airborne contamination then this isn’t for you. Your house is for you. This is for those that want to adapt and overcome the current BS certain places are imposing.

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